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A close look at competency based assessments for successful recruitment of CSRs

Technical abilities should not be checked, rather that this in itself is inadequate to ensure success.

In fact it’s very important to study the delegates’ CVs, to check their qualifications and relevant experience, to ask questions of clarification and to investigate any gaps in their employment history.

The Assessment Center process is carried out in addition to this.
Traditional selection techniques tend to be based around interviews where questions are asked in relation to CV / resume information and where “fit” with organizational culture is assessed – normally in a subjective fashion. Many interview questions are hypothetical, taking the form of “What would you do if”. On the other hand, the CBA system is highly objective and specific. Read the full story…

competency based assessments for thriving CSRs

Having already decided on the key competencies required for the role/job, we now need to devise the systems and processes for gathering and assessing the evidence required to make a judgment.

Designing the Assessment Center

Our next step is to develop the role plays and CBI questions that will create the opportunities for us to gather the competency based evidence that we are looking for. Of the competencies we are seeking to verify, we need to decide which are: Read the full story….

Online Contact Management Software

The online contact management software manages and coordinates the customer communication with the call centers. The selection of right call management software for the call centers deeply influences the customer satisfaction as well as the overall business process. Businesses can easily increase the customer satisfaction level by cutting down on the waiting time and connecting the customers immediately to the concerned person of the concerned department. It helps the organization in improving the customer insight.

Customers also have high expectations and with the recent advancements in the field of information technology making everything very fast, they expect the business houses to be at their service every time to resolve their concerns and issues and also provide the required information any time they wish to. In order to maintain that type of service delivery the best these businesses can do is to upgrade their setup by using reliable and effective online contact management software. This software will always keep the customers pleased and these happy customers will not mind spending some more money so here grows your ability to achieve some sales lead generation resulting in more business….more info

Strategies you can use to convert your customer service team

Strategies you can use to convert your customer service team in your call center into a customer sales team. And if you have already made the change, you can use them to strengthen your sales culture:

1. Communication

In many instances, call center reps were hired simply as customer service reps, and the job description they were given made no mention of selling. While management may have announced the change, many reps simply did not get the “new” message that their job entails selling and cross-selling…..more info

Measuring Average Handle Time Yields meager Customer Service

By now, nearly everyone has been erudite on the “myth” of average handle time. Long relied upon as a measure of call center competence, the AHT metric has been dismissed in recent years by those who believe it runs oppose to customer-centricity.

To sum up, no pun intended, customer management professionals have come to panic that assessing performance based on call length urges agents to sacrifice relationships for brevity. Under the gun to keep calls petite, agents will not “risk” engaging in a dialogue that could produce poor performance against the AHT metric, even if a lengthy, meaningful call is required to really satisfy the customer….more info