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Ways to Improve First Call Resolution Percentages in Call Centers

If you are reading this and are a lay man to the call center business, most of this piece of writing is built on the thought of First Call Resolution performance. Known in the industry as FCR, this term refers to the frequency of telephone calls before the customer’s problems are determined. While excellent call centers will exhibit a 95% FCR score, that answering service judged above average will endeavor for a score of 75% or more.

As a benchmark between what is above average, superior, and average, most call centers will rate between 55%-65% which means it will take anywhere from 1.5 to almost 2 calls to resolve a customer matter. To someone understanding this who is not familiar with the answering service industry, you may be asking yourself, how can the industry in general admit such a low percentage? Great question and it is a superb lead in for the premise of this paper – how to improve your FCR in a simple steps. Read the full story…